We are only taking charge of the construction, not on profits, if one has bought a house worth 46 million now it is worth half a million, everything in the world will be available in society, all these things are with money. Message from Malik Riaz Hussain : Chairman Bahria Town.

KARACHI: Urdu Bahrain Town Malik Riaz has announced to provide residents of Karachi with international facilities to the International Standards. A detailed video message has been shared in which he has announced additional charges as well as announced that the residents will get world-class facilities here. Every facility in the world will be available in Bahria Town Society. Said that there are schools, colleges, universities, high quality security, sports media in every sector here. Supply of electricity and gas will be completed, including those not available.

For which residents will have to pay additional development costs.

He said that people are concerned about the charges leveled at Bahria Town Karachi that the charges were not justified. I want to tell them that this is the most beautiful society in Asia, everything in the world is available there.

Universities, college schools, cinemas, parks are available here in the world. Gas and electricity have been provided to people in the sector, yet they are giving people free of cost gas. By the grace of Allah, Bahria Town will set an example in the world, we have just given Iqara University Kolding, the largest store in Karachi wants to open a university there. Clause 26,27 states that charges for electricity, gas, transport will be deducted.

Electricity does not mean KE has to install a meter in your home, so the Navy’s administration is laying the entire infrastructure.

Transmission Line, Grade Sub is providing Bahria Town, we have absolutely no load shedding of electricity. We make electricity at Rs 45 per unit and Nipra at Rs 15 per unit rate. Clean and drainage management is excellent. Is the best management of all these things with money.

He said that when Bahria Town started, the Toflet we sold for 21 lakh 60 thousand, today it has gone from 65 to 8 million. Similarly, the house with 46 million has gone from 1.5 million to 2.5 million today. At that time we had invested our money in the construction of houses so that people could start living here. We sold, today it has gone up from 65 to 8 million.

We are taking these charges up to 21 lakh 60 thousand, likewise if the house has been bought for 46 lakhs it is worth 1.5 million but construction charges are only Rs. It should be clear to the people that we are not taking construction charges on people for their profit, it is your destiny, we are also demanding construction charges in episodes. He said that people are praying that we have reached here. Please send your feedback to my e-mail hussainriazmalik@gmail.com.

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