Malik Riaz Announces World-Class Facilities in Bahria Town Karachi

We are only taking charge of the construction, not on profits, if one has bought a house worth 46 million now it is worth half a million, everything in the world will be available in society, all these things are with money. Message from Malik Riaz Hussain : Chairman Bahria Town.

KARACHI: Urdu Bahrain Town Malik Riaz has announced to provide residents of Karachi with international facilities to the International Standards. A detailed video message has been shared in which he has announced additional charges as well as announced that the residents will get world-class facilities here. Every facility in the world will be available in Bahria Town Society. Said that there are schools, colleges, universities, high quality security, sports media in every sector here. Supply of electricity and gas will be completed, including those not available.

For which residents will have to pay additional development costs.

He said that people are concerned about the charges leveled at Bahria Town Karachi that the charges were not justified. I want to tell them that this is the most beautiful society in Asia, everything in the world is available there.

Universities, college schools, cinemas, parks are available here in the world. Gas and electricity have been provided to people in the sector, yet they are giving people free of cost gas. By the grace of Allah, Bahria Town will set an example in the world, we have just given Iqara University Kolding, the largest store in Karachi wants to open a university there. Clause 26,27 states that charges for electricity, gas, transport will be deducted.

Electricity does not mean KE has to install a meter in your home, so the Navy’s administration is laying the entire infrastructure.

Transmission Line, Grade Sub is providing Bahria Town, we have absolutely no load shedding of electricity. We make electricity at Rs 45 per unit and Nipra at Rs 15 per unit rate. Clean and drainage management is excellent. Is the best management of all these things with money.

He said that when Bahria Town started, the Toflet we sold for 21 lakh 60 thousand, today it has gone from 65 to 8 million. Similarly, the house with 46 million has gone from 1.5 million to 2.5 million today. At that time we had invested our money in the construction of houses so that people could start living here. We sold, today it has gone up from 65 to 8 million.

We are taking these charges up to 21 lakh 60 thousand, likewise if the house has been bought for 46 lakhs it is worth 1.5 million but construction charges are only Rs. It should be clear to the people that we are not taking construction charges on people for their profit, it is your destiny, we are also demanding construction charges in episodes. He said that people are praying that we have reached here. Please send your feedback to my e-mail

Bahria Town Karachi – !!! Chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz Hussain releases key message, rumors abolish

Lahore (Monitoring Desk) Chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz Hussain says that Bahria Town is the most beautiful society in Asia in Karachi, where every facility of the world is being provided in this society. , Including all shopping malls.

According to details in my video statement Malik Riaz Hussain says that I want to talk about Bahria Town Karachi today, rumors are being spread about Bahria Town Karachi that people who have bought or booked plots here. Unnecessary money is being collected from, but these rumors are false. Every sector of Bahria Town Karachi has all the facilities that are not available in the general society. It has the highest security arrangements. Karachi is also free from load shedding of gas and electricity, gas is still being provided free of cost to the people while electricity b Or the infrastructure is being laid, the town, a town that will be an example of God’s grace in the world. Malik Riaz said that recently the University of Iqra has been given space to build a campus in this town while Imtiaz Store, which is the largest store in Karachi, is also being given place in Bahria Town, as members. Understanding the unnecessary charges, the form provided to the members during the booking clearly states that all the charges for electricity, gas, transport will be separate from the booking cost of the plot. It is not that “K Electric” will provide electricity in Bahria Town, but the entire infra structure of electricity will be administered by Bahria Town itself, in this regard. All equipment, including fire stations, transformer is providing the town administration. More from Malik Riyadh

It was said that in Bahria Town there is no load shedding of electricity due to Allah’s grace, Bahria Town is providing electricity to its customers at fixed rates of Napra by generating cost per unit of electricity, cleaning in Town. The best system is that while billions of rupees have been spent on drainage, foolproof security has been ensured in the town. All these facilities can be provided with money. This is not possible with the money, when Bahria Town started. We have also provided facilities to the people, the flat Bahria Town sold for Rs one lakh has reached fifty lakh today, which is Rs. The Bahria Town administration sold for Rs 6 lakhs and today its price has reached Rs 1.50 crore. Even now, the Bahrain Town administration has invested money in construction itself so that people can come here and settle. And if the house price is already doubled then it is the administration’s right to take the development charges from the members as they can improve the quality of the society from the development charges, I would like to clarify one more thing here which is plot 21. Sold at a cost of Rs. Lakhs, today its worth has risen to 8 million, despite the development of the Bahria Town administration. She is taking the ridge at one lakh sixty thousand rupees, at which price the plots have been sold to the house. The house has been bought for Rs. 4 lakhs and today it has reached Rs. 1.5 million. Development charges of Rs. Are taken into account. Malik Riaz says that I want to clarify to the members that the development charges that are being taken now are being charged at the price you purchased the plot or house, at whatever price they have now reached. He is your destiny and may Allah bless you. What else did Malik Riaz Hussain say? Video you also watch:

Iqra varsity to open medical, nursing school in Karachi’s Bahria Town

KARACHI: The Bahria Town Karachi and Iqra University have signed an agreement to open a university campus in 2020 in Bahria Town, Karachi. The campus is unique in Pakistan as this is the first campus where all foreign faculty members will be hired from international universities, who will be teaching and conducting research here. The custom-built world class campus will offer graduate and postgraduate degrees in various cutting-edge programmes in health sciences, information technology, media science, fashion design, and business administration. The Iqra University has been ranked as the top-most business school of the country by the HEC for the last few years. Senior management from Bahria Town and Iqra University were present at the contract signing.

Malik Riaz Hussain, Chairman Bahria Town, said: “This Bahria Town Karachi campus will become the hallmark in education sector of Pakistan and will play a significant role in achieving the excellence in education and research, global recognition, and international standards by meeting local need.”

According to the Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Wasim Qazi, the said campus will be Pakistan’s first campus to have complete foreign faculty and, “this step will be a trendsetter for all the varsities of the country.”

The campus has been designed by Nayyar Ali Dada and is already in the last stages of interior finishes. The most important features of this campus are world class infrastructure, latest technology, R&D facilities, international faculty, and collegial environment. The campus will be a full-fledged resident campus for foreign faculty and students. These purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities create the optimal study and learning environment for students. The medical college has customized, well-equipped and industry standard laboratories that are designed to integrate teaching with the practical application of medical and health sciences. The facilities are on par with the standards set by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and the Ministry of Higher Education, thus ensuring that students are exposed to the most up-to-date equipment that are on par with international medical universities. The medical school is based on key features of patient centric curriculum, clinical elective modules, and early exposure to clinic and hospital.

Built next to the world’s third largest and Pakistan’s largest Grand Jamia Masjid, built on 200 acres and accommodation of 800,000 people, the location of the campus is a feat in itself, reflecting the Islamic history where the masajid were not just for prayers but they were the centers for educational and social hub as well. Apart from this, there will also be a grand library and an Islamic museum.

The Iqra University has made its place in the global varsities ranking. The global universities ranking agency QS has issued its this year’s QS World Universities Rankings 2020 where IQRA University has been included for the first time. The Iqra University became Sindh’s first private sector varsity to made its place in the said ranking. The Iqra University has campuses across Pakistan and is having collaboration with foreign universities.

The introduction of the university is a major milestone for Bahria Town Karachi which now provides education facilities to its residents from playgroup to PHD level. There are already three school campuses operational in Bahria Town Karachi with new contracts in the pipeline later this year. Along with this, Pakistan’s first 36 hole PGA standard night lit golf course, Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium, International standard hospital, entertainment facilities like Bahria Adventure Land theme park, Danzoo, Carnival, dancing fountain, restaurants, shopping areas, etc, and the world class security makes it the ideal residence place for everyone.

Peshawar Bahria Town to be of Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai standards: Malik Riaz

ISLAMABAD: One of Asia’s biggest construction tycoons and Pakistan’s top investor Malik Riaz has disclosed that Bahria Town Peshawar will sprawl over 100,000 Kanal land and it will be completed in the shortest possible period time of three years against the completion of Bahria Town Karachi in four years.

He said work would continue 24 hours on the project and it would consist of 200,000 plots, apartments, small and big houses for lower and middle class people.

In an interview to the Daily Jang, Malik Riaz said the town’s development work would start in the beginning of the next year and latest machinery and construction technology would be used. “Services of the world’s renowned architects will be hired for it. Its construction and security standards will be on a par with housings in Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai. Besides, 30 percent quota will be fixed for overseas Pakistanis. Moreover, like Bahria Town in Karachi and Lahore, facilities, including commercial mall, school, college, mosque, ultra-modern cinema house, hospital, dispensaries, zoo and theme park will also be built. The residents will not have to go out of the town as everything would be available in the Town,” he said, adding that uninterrupted availability of facilities, including water, electricity and gas would be ensured.

The property tycoon, who has fixed 70 percent of his income for deserving persons and public welfare projects, said that spending on deserving persons increases businesses. He urged other businessmen to spend half of their income on deserving people. He said that he spends on charity and Allah Almighty gives him seven times more.

Malik Riaz said that Bahria Town Peshawar would be made the most beautiful city of Pakistan. “With the blessings of Allah Almighty, not only Bahria Town Rawalpindi but also Lahore and Karachi were also made of international standards which are being appreciated by expert architects and construction companies from America, Australia, governments and the world media,” he added.

He said international awards conferred on him as the chief executive of Bahria Town in global competitions in Malaysia were also a clear proof of blessings of Allah on him. Malik Riaz said Bahria Town in Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore were developed in accordance with international standards and the world had praised them. “The credit for it goes to the Bahria Town team. My only contribution is to act upon on the advice of the team and make minor changes where necessary.” He said he intended to build a grand mosque of the Islamic world like the grand mosque of Bahria Town Lahore and the third biggest mosque of Bahria Town Karachi. He said he would serve the country and nation in true sense by fulfilling all the promises. “People are requested to support me in Peshawar Bahrian Town the way they backed me in Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi,” he added.

Earlier, the sales and marketing office of Bahria Town Peshawar was inaugurated. Bahria Town Chairman Malik Riaz Hussain was the chief guest. Social and business figures, Bahria Town management and other guests participated in the event.

Bahria Town country head Shahid Mahmood Qureshi called the project a game changer for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Bahria Town is the largest private real estate developer of Asia which is going to introduce modern lifestyle to Peshawar after Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Nawabshah.

People of Peshawar are of the view they were waiting impatiently for the project because they extremely trusted Bahria Town and all its projects. The affordable project will not only benefit locals but also spur economic development and create employment opportunities, they added.