Lahore (Monitoring Desk) Chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz Hussain says that Bahria Town is the most beautiful society in Asia in Karachi, where every facility of the world is being provided in this society. , Including all shopping malls.

According to details in my video statement Malik Riaz Hussain says that I want to talk about Bahria Town Karachi today, rumors are being spread about Bahria Town Karachi that people who have bought or booked plots here. Unnecessary money is being collected from, but these rumors are false. Every sector of Bahria Town Karachi has all the facilities that are not available in the general society. It has the highest security arrangements. Karachi is also free from load shedding of gas and electricity, gas is still being provided free of cost to the people while electricity b Or the infrastructure is being laid, the town, a town that will be an example of God’s grace in the world. Malik Riaz said that recently the University of Iqra has been given space to build a campus in this town while Imtiaz Store, which is the largest store in Karachi, is also being given place in Bahria Town, as members. Understanding the unnecessary charges, the form provided to the members during the booking clearly states that all the charges for electricity, gas, transport will be separate from the booking cost of the plot. It is not that “K Electric” will provide electricity in Bahria Town, but the entire infra structure of electricity will be administered by Bahria Town itself, in this regard. All equipment, including fire stations, transformer is providing the town administration. More from Malik Riyadh

It was said that in Bahria Town there is no load shedding of electricity due to Allah’s grace, Bahria Town is providing electricity to its customers at fixed rates of Napra by generating cost per unit of electricity, cleaning in Town. The best system is that while billions of rupees have been spent on drainage, foolproof security has been ensured in the town. All these facilities can be provided with money. This is not possible with the money, when Bahria Town started. We have also provided facilities to the people, the flat Bahria Town sold for Rs one lakh has reached fifty lakh today, which is Rs. The Bahria Town administration sold for Rs 6 lakhs and today its price has reached Rs 1.50 crore. Even now, the Bahrain Town administration has invested money in construction itself so that people can come here and settle. And if the house price is already doubled then it is the administration’s right to take the development charges from the members as they can improve the quality of the society from the development charges, I would like to clarify one more thing here which is plot 21. Sold at a cost of Rs. Lakhs, today its worth has risen to 8 million, despite the development of the Bahria Town administration. She is taking the ridge at one lakh sixty thousand rupees, at which price the plots have been sold to the house. The house has been bought for Rs. 4 lakhs and today it has reached Rs. 1.5 million. Development charges of Rs. Are taken into account. Malik Riaz says that I want to clarify to the members that the development charges that are being taken now are being charged at the price you purchased the plot or house, at whatever price they have now reached. He is your destiny and may Allah bless you. What else did Malik Riaz Hussain say? Video you also watch:

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